Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

KCL Aspire is a programme with the aim to raise the aspirations of students whose background means they are significantly underrepresented at top universities such as King’s.

Your role as a mentor will be to guide, motivate and support to these students through the university application process to ensure that the receive all their aspirations.

Information About the Role

1. You will be paired with an aspiring KCL student and will be guiding them through their university application process. This may include:
– UCAS statement support
– Aptitude/Entry exam test support
– Interview preparation support (where applicable)

2. You will act as a mentor throughout the academic year. It will be your responsibility to introduce them to KCL, explain what is expected of them at the tertiary education level and what they should be doing in preparation for university.

3. You will be expected to provide advice on those of KCL’s scholarships and support systems which are applicable to each student. (You will be trained on these systems before your peer mentorship starts.)

4. You will support the student with any grievances they may have a provide advice on how to succeed in A-levels.

5. We are interested in mentors from any degree in King’s including:
– STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
– Medicine
– Humanities
– Health and Social Care
– Dentistry


1. Must currently be studying the subject you wish to provide support for.
2. Must be a 1st year or 2nd year student at King’s College London.
3. Be DBS trained (if you are not, then the training and certificate will be provided).
4. Note that there will be a mandatory comprehensive training day in January 2020, during which you will be briefed on the intricacies of the role. You will be contacted to select a date for the briefing if you are successful which will take place on the university campus.

Application Process

  • Please complete the form to apply to become a mentor. If your application is successful, you will have the opportunity to make a huge positive difference in someone’s life!
  • If you are successful in the screening process, you will be invited for a video interview. This will be to ensure that your skill sets and qualities will be maximised when matched with your mentees.
  • Applications to become a mentor closes once all the spots are filled, so apply now to avoid missing a place

Thank you again for your interest in KCL Aspire!

Thank you so much for showing an interest in becoming a volunteer for the KCL Aspire. Your efforts and endeavours is crucial to making this program a success!

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