Mental Health Officer


• Candidate must be fully versed and knowledgeable in all of the protocols of the King’s Wellbeing service, including King’s Counselling service.

• Their role will be to direct people to the right team within King’s for King’s to then be able to help them in any way possible.

• Candidate must be contactable and liaise with the King’s Wellbeing team and bridge the gap between the members and the health services.

• AT LEAST 1 event in Term 1 and AT LEAST 1 event in Term 2 (including collaborations)

• The successful candidate for this post will be responsible for taking charge of events to promote awareness of Mental Health and other health issues that may affect our communities.

NOTE: Candidates will not be required to counsel people themselves, but should be knowledgeable enough to direct people to the right service i.e. from the services map Dr Brown showed at the talk on University Mental Day.


Candidate 1: Sapphire Francis

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