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What better way to start the week than with Quiz Night! Come down to Guy’s Bar and socialise with old and new student! You’re in for a treat as we uncover interesting facts about the committee members. If you missed the Meet&Greet, you don’t want to miss this one! You are guaranteed a fun night! See you there!
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Considering October is known as Black History Month, it’s only right we discuss matters dear to our hearts as Africans and Caribbean. Come down to NHH LT2 to listen, learn and engage in healthy discussions about the Black Community! Everyone is welcome! See you there!
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It is well known that people of colour tend to ignore mental health due to various reasons. Come to Henriette Raphael House at Guy’s Campus to discuss this very crucial matter with us. It is a safe space and a discussion that needs to be had amongst us all. Everyone is welcome! See you there!

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Join us for a night of conversation on controversial topics that one might consider “taboo”!
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A night full of Soul music, soul food and soul vibes! Come through to Guy’s Bar and start your week with good vibes!
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We love controversies! Come join us for another night of discussion. This time it’s all about sex and relationships! Are men trash or nah? We need to hear your voices!


We’re rounding up BHM with a chilled night in. Come join us at ROOM 1.70* (there’s been a mistake in our poster), but come through, and let’s watch “I am not you negro” together. See you soon!