Publicity Officers


• Ensure a strong physical and social media presence of KCL ACS on each campus, all KCLSU venues, and every social media platform

• Create valuable links with KCL societies and London ACS’

• Good communication with Head of Publicity

• Responsible for high attendance at KCL ACS events

• Enforce Publicity campaigns responsibly

• Outgoing personality in order to fully engage with students from outside of ACS

• Responsible for snapchat, facebook, Instagram and/or twitter

• Update website regularly, with relevant information, photos, upcoming events and opportunities etc.

• Create publicity posters for ALL events – especially for Culture Shock 2021

• Keep up with role as Publicity Officer – see Publicity Officer role description

• Take photographs of EVERY event and upload to social media

• Make ACS videos required for publicity campaigns – in particular Culture Shock trailer and other promotional videos Political Secretary:

• Responsible for important political presence of KCL ACS on campus and online

• Fully responsible for political events across the whole year – in particular BHM

• Work with and consult BME representatives of other KCLSU branches – KEMA, Student Council’s BME Rep, LGBT BME rep etc.

• Initiate and encourage political awareness of ACS members.

• Accountable to President and VP

• Consult President and VP for any political campaign/events/strategies etc.

• Open to suggestions of committee and ACS members – group discussions, talks, demonstrations etc.

• Be aware of BHM events at other London ACS’

• AT LEAST 1 event in Term 1 and AT LEAST 1 event in Term 2 (including collaborations


Candidate 1: Miriam O. Tomas

Candidate 2: Sidje Nchoch

Candidate 3: Chiedza Watyoka

Candidate 4: Adanna Mbonu

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